Mr. Tubs lives a very charmed life, and visits with us from a truly enchanting and magical bookstore. Each day from an enviable collection of children’s books, he chooses one to share with us. Then he sets out to explore the story through his vivid imagination and his unique gift for illuminating each page. There is so much to learn, and when you have a book, you have a journey!

He will go almost anywhere the story takes him. On a wild adventure, soaring both far and near, down a garden path or perhaps to a universe unknown to you and me. To somewhere make believe or someplace true, he’s on a journey, and you can come too! His animated self can really get to the heart of the story, more on that later. He carries his books with him every day because for him a new adventure is just a story away. Boredom he’ll tell you is a temporary lack of imagination, with a book that could never happen!

Mr. Tubs also has a computer on which he is remarkably agile. He can find the answers to almost everything! He’ll share these findings with you, so stay tuned! Knowledge will be shared from the digital universe, there are so many wonderful things to learn, and he has all the right tools. Mr. Tubs is also incredibly clever and has designed his own App, with a catchy theme song, which explains all of that. He’s very compelling, you’ll see right away, but also very interested in what you have to say!

The Insatiably Curious Mr. Tubs


Total Rethink explores life being reimagined as the world shifts to technology driven solutions, and connectivity becomes available to all. Previously unheard voices are extending their reach creating opportunities for a better future.

Dreamers, and risk takers, the future will belong to those among us reshaping how we live. Creating a power shift from a top down to a bottom up world, both socially and economically. A change long over due enabling the masses to compete for a spot in the future of all things.

Our hope is to kindle the viewers curiosity, stir their imagination, and like a long Sunday evening dinner amongst friends and family, we hope to create a timeless, necessary and life affirming experience. One that leaves you with much to consider, there are so many fascinating stories to tell.

This show is an opportunity to bridge cultures and forecast economic prosperity as it evolves globally for real people accomplishing extraordinary things. In our first episode we take a look at street art and its enormous impact on our social climate as it gains recognition globally.

Total Rethink

David McCourt

David McCourt has been a force of nature in business for over 30 years. He created the first competitive phone company in the US, inventing the the triple play that is voice, video and data. Today considered the norm, but unknown at the time.

His most recent endeavor, is the largest of its kind, providing fibre connectivity to all of rural Ireland. With 5 billion Euros invested through a public private partnership it’s slated to serve over 1.1 million people. His pursuits are always two-fold, advancing humanity, and savvy business acumen, a combination that has served him well. His global access to CEOs, great innovators and some of the best minds in the world ensures great content.

In addition to his business endeavors in technology, David McCourt is an accomplished Emmy award-winning Executive Producer. Among his many projects “Reading Rainbow”, ”Whats Going On” and “Miracles Boys”, were all critically acclaimed.

Total Rethink, his best selling book released in 2019, takes a look back at the formidable businesses he has created, with an informed look forward, and a view of the future of business.

Total Rethink, the series, is based on his book, and the lives of real people. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things to adapt, it delves into the relevant and rapidly shifting businesses being rethought to adapt to the future.

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“McCourt Entertainment brings to life imaginative, original content, inspired by true stories. Captivating storytelling and beautiful production, with an eye to the future.”

- David McCourt
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