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About Us

McCourt Entertainment is an American multi-media production company founded by telecommunications innovator and multi-Emmy Award winning producer David C. McCourt. With offices in Beverly Hills, Washington DC, Dublin and Dubai, McCourt Entertainment focuses on original content that both inspires and encourages social change, with compelling storytelling and quality production value. Producer Joe Di Maio joined the company in 2015 and together, the leadership team has over 40 years of industry experience. With direct access to ALTV.com, a global digital platform with wide spread reach in the Middle East and Northern Africa, McCourt Entertainment has the pulse on digital content and an expansive community of content creators.

Lead Producers

David C. McCourt

For 30 years, David C. McCourt, Chairman and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital, has been an innovator, entrepreneur, and business leader in the construction, communications and media industries. He has founded and/or acquired 20 companies in nine countries, and is widely recognized as a transformational force in the telecommunications business. The Economist described him as having “impeccable credentials as a telecom revolutionary”.

Currently, David McCourt is chairman and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital, McCourt International and McCourt Entertainment, as well as Chairman of E-Net, Skyware, Airspeed, VerX, Findyr and ALTV.

Over the past several years David McCourt has served as an executive producer, working on the ten-part documentary series “What’s Going On?”, which examines the impact of global conflict on the lives of children around the world. The widely praised Showtime television series, produced in cooperation with the United Nations, attracted the support and participation of numerous prominent actors including Michael Douglas, Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan. In 2005, Mr. McCourt won one Emmy for the critically acclaimed children’s series “Reading Rainbow” and most recently produced Spike Lee’s “Miracle’s Boys” on Nickelodeon. “Miracle’s Boys” is a six part mini-series directed by Spike Lee and other filmmakers such as LeVar Burton and Bill Duke.

Joe R. Di Maio

Since 1995 Joe Di Maio has operated in the entertainment and digital sphere as an executive, producer, manager, director, 1st AD and post supervisor for movies, commercials, music videos, episodic TV, documentary, internet programming and live events, working with film (35mm/65mm), Hi-Def, 4k, IMAX 3D and yes, a phone – on location in South-Central-North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and North Africa.

Producer/director at Digital Entertainment Network, the first digital platform in the world, executing 100+ reality / narrative on-line episodes, Head of Production at HollywoodBroadcasting.com, producing 14 TV shows, Head of Physical Production at RKO Pictures, working with actors and directors such as Sidney Lumet, Mark Rydell, Sylvester Stallone, Jaime Foxx, Gabriel Burne, Thandie Newton and others including Eddie Furlong, Vinny Jones, Michael Madson and Meat Loaf.

Di Maio produced and managed several independent films: Laura Smiles, The Box, Let The Game Begin, The Bleeding, Kid Cannabis and co-directed Absolute Killers, – as well as executed TV and commercial campaigns for NUVOtv, HBO, Amazon, Dish Network, Tecate, HomeGoods, Denny’s, etc. Before joining ALTV.COM as CEO, Di Maio produced the IMAX feature documentary “Panama Canal 3D”.

Introducing ‘What If...

What if… is a ten part series following the journey of six artists from diverse regions of the Middle East and Northern Africa painting common canvases, with common themes. An authentic, raw and candid interpretation of their surroundings and the struggles of displaced souls.

What if… explores the largest displacement of human beings since WWII. There are over 65 million people in what today we coin “The Refugee Crisis”. We’ve all witnessed the horrifying pictures, the devastating destruction of towns and cities, yet despite the cries of injustice and desperation the crisis continues.

What if… we can unite cultures through art and communication? An effort to give voices to the forgotten, as we observe the process, which will no doubt be full of surprises, drama, frustration, humanity and insights to the cultural differences and similarities.

Each documentary-style episodes explore the gamut of real emotions in real environments from countries with turbulent relations. The traveling canvases are followed as characters, transported between regions, across borders within these colorful yet unstable territories and rough terrains.

There is no competition, only collaboration to create beautiful pieces of art culminating in a London exhibition event with Government, diplomats, art experts, celebrities and regional royalty called upon to influence this humanitarian revolution with an auction benefiting the refugees. What if, these simple canvases can become a force to ignite change?

Show Format:

Two artists from different regions collaborating on one canvas showcased within three episodes.

Six artists to complete nine episodes, with the final tenth episode in London exhibiting the art and the auction.

Three dynamic hosts traveling to each country, exploring each artist, their stories, surroundings, creation as well as compelling stories from displaced families they encounter.

Technical Format:

  • Ten TV episodes
  • One hour each episode
  • 4k & full HD delivery
  • Stereo and Surround sound
  • English and Arabic Subtitles
  • Graphics and text-less
  • Supplementary materials

Social media content to support engagement and following of the show, including BTS, artists blogs, testimonials, influencers and celebrity interviews.

Artists Profiles

Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim

Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim was born in 1962 in Khorfakkan, UAE. A more senior artist both in age and experience, he works with hands and organic material from his garden to create his mixed media art pieces. His works represent his native country and are light in spirit and beautiful to look at.

Morteza Khosravi

Morteza Khosravi is a young multidisciplinary artist born in 1987 Bojnourd, a small town in north east of Iran. His expressionist painting style incorporates vigorous brushwork alternating between shadows and highlights for dramatic effect with a cinematic sense of compositional design.

Rashed Al Shashai

Saudi Arabian artist Rashed Al Shashai utilizes found objects and appropriated imagery as conceptual means of identifying the signs of the everyday, creating what he describes as a ‘semantic field’ through which philosophical questions about human existence and the functions of society can be explored.

Zakaria Ramhani

Zakaria Ramhani was born in Tangier, Morocco in 1983. His work is primarily based on the use of writing, calligraphy and letters in Arabic, sometimes juxtaposed in French or English, to create figurative paintings- most of which are dedicated to portraits.

Yasser Nabaiel

Yasser Nabaiel was born in Kafr el Sheikh, Egypt, in 1970. He employs a Baconian-style in drawing and painting to depict psychological torment and to create layers of meanings to describe the state of Arabs today. For Nabaiel, we are confined, imprisoned and suffocating from innumerable chains and his repertoire evolves around the Middle East.

Mohamad Khayata

Mohamad Khayata was born in 1985 in Damascus, Syria. His art documents his life, and the struggles of others. With a series of unique techniques and use of colors, like his blue period, as well as surrealistic abstract sketches with powerful messages of unbalanced communion.

Our Creative Collaborative

McCourt Entertainment is a Granahan McCourt Capital company, a private investment firm focused on connecting people to technological innovation around the world. Granahan McCourt Capital brings world-class investors with unparalleled experience, global perspective and local knowledge.

We are collaborating with the best and most creative film makers in under-served areas of the world, nurturing talent, supplying facilities and guidance and responding to what consumers want.

Working with ALTV.com, the fastest growing digital TV platform in the Middle East and Northern Africa, McCourt Entertainment has unique access to locally produced, premium programming from ALTV’s growing community of passionate storytellers across the Middle East and North Africa.

ALTV’s established Creative Collaborative provides a unique approach to content – installing workshops, training and equipment to local content creators to produce high quality, professional-level videos. Together, we are blurring the lines between fans and creators, providing a platform for the most promising amateur creators and giving them the resources and channels to reach their audiences.


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